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What is Linen- It’s properties and cares instructions

What is Linen?

Linen is a natural fiber fabric derived from the flax plant. It is one of the most widely used fabrics because of its strength, durability and absorbency. Linen garments are perfect for hot and humid weather. Unlike cotton, which retains moisture for an extended period of time, linen dries fast, reducing heat retention in too hot temperatures. It is also 30% stronger than cotton. Linen textiles are often crisp at first, but with time and use, they become soft and pliable to the touch.

History of Linen

linen is one of the oldest fabrics, with a history that may go back even further than the most ancient evidence discovered by modern archaeology. It appears that Neolithic peoples in Europe were weaving linen textiles as early as 36,000 years ago.

linen was first domesticated in ancient Mesopotamia. While the use of linen for garments in Mesopotamia was mainly reserved for the ruling class, the use of linen in Ancient Egypt was much more widespread. The Egyptian environment necessitated the development of clothing that repelled the sun’s rays while yet allowing for quick sweat cooling. Because linen is naturally white, it was an easy choice, and because of its breathability and lack of moisture retention, it quickly became Egypt’s most popular and valued material.

Properties of linen

Linen is one of the most sought-after plant-based fabrics, which is self-evident given its numerous desirable features.

  1. Absorbency- Linen has the ability to absorb up to 20% of its weight in moisture. It draws heat away from the body, keeping you cool throughout the summer and providing warmth during the winter. It regulates temperature well.
  1. Strength- After silk, it is the second most durable fabric. It is also around 30% stronger than cotton and can last for decades.
  1. Thermoregulation- Linen tend to draw heat away from the body, keeping the temperature of the body cool throughout the summer and providing warmth during the winter. It’s a great heat conductor. This makes linens perfect for clothing, sheets, and drapery.
  1. Comfort- Because it is made of natural fibres and is light weighted, it is quite comfortable to wear.
  1. Abrasion resistant- Linen has a high abrasion resistance due to its strength and surability.
  1. Antiallergic. Linen has no allergic reactions due to the natural flax and is thus beneficial in the treatment of a variety of allergic illnesses.

Linen care

Linen clothes may look delicate, but in general, it is easy to care about fabric. It can be machine washed or dry cleaned. But it is always recommended to examine the manufacturer’s care label and pay attention to any particular recommendations before cleaning.

To avoid surface fibers breaking, all washable linen clothing should be turned inside out before washing. All linen clothes can almost certainly be machine and/or hand cleaned in lukewarm water with gentle detergents.

Once cleaned, air-dry the garments naturally. This reduces the wrinkles and general creasing, while tumble drying can make the garments shrink. To prevent shrinkage in the drying process, clothes should be air-dried and out of the sun if possible.

Being a natural fiber, linen will tend to wrinkle, crumple and crease easily. Garments can be steamed or ironed using a medium-hot iron while it’s still damp or after spraying a little water over it.

The storage of linen garments is very simple. Clothes should be hung on wooden hangers rather than wire hangers as they cause less stress on the fabric and stitching and prevent the garments from getting permanently creased.

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